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Subject: Grant's comeuppance part seven.GRANT'S COMEUPPANCE. Part seven.GRANT'S STORY continued.This is a homosexual fantasy involving sex between men and boys. If it is
illegal for you to read it for any reason please leave now. Because it is a
fantasy the sex will be unprotected. In real life please practise safe sex.
I was in heaven as Mark carried me to the bathroom; I loved the feel of his
strong, muscular arms teen preteen photos
holding my slight body. I squeezed my legs tighter
around Mark's waist and tightened my grip around his muscular neck. I'd been so
worried about when we'd see each other again to make love. And when Mark hadn'
t said anything this morning I thought that maybe he'd only told me that he
loved me so that I'd do the porn films for him and Steve. But now he'd come
up with a plan that meant we'd be together again on Wednesday, brilliant. I
licked the love-bite I'd given him and wondered where he'd give me mine; then
I wanted to show it off, probably when I made another porn film. I adored
having Mark to myself and making love with him, but I also knew that I loved
having sex with lots of lads and men too; so I definitely wanted to make more
porn films. I changed sides and started to kiss Mark's neck, like the rest of
Mark's body it was smooth and soft but so firm and muscled underneath the
I rubbed my stiff cock across Mark's abdomen smearing my precum across it. We
'd both had so much sex this weekend I was surprised we were going to manage
to have more. Then I remembered that George had told me that the Viagra
would remain in our systems for some time; probably until I went to bed tonight.
I was pleased about that, I so loved the feelings having Mark's hard thick
cock in my arsehole gave me. Mark had a beautiful, tanned body, so muscled, so
firm, so strong; I wished my body was better developed like his. red preteen videos Terry's
workouts were OK but they wouldn't give me a body like Mark's. When we got to
his bedroom, which was huge and luxuriously decorated like the rest of the
flat, Mark gently laid me down on his large king-sized bed and smiled as he
looked down at me. I looked up and down his muscled body and at his preteens forbidden film rigid cock and
I saw a string of precum start to leak from his wide cock-slit and begin its
descent to the floor.
"Er, Mark, before we make love will you give me my love-bite, er, to brand
me as your property?"
Mark gave a big grin and his green eyes gleamed at me.
"Sure Baby, but let's get in the mood first."
Mark lay beside me and took me in his strong arms and we began to kiss. We
started tenderly but soon got more passionate. After a several minutes of
tongue duelling Mark rolled me onto my back and started to kiss, lick and nibble
his way down my body. He paused at my tiny red nipples tonguing and nibbling
one while fingering the other. They erected immediately and I moaned and
writhed on the bed; my cock was so stiff I thought it might break. Then Mark
continued his journey down my body his long thick tongue and his strong hands
sending shivers through my body. He nibbled at my belly before lapping at my
navel, and then he stopped. Mark raised his head and his voice was deep and
husky as he spoke.
"Roll over Baby I want to make love to your beautiful arse now, and to your
hot, tight little arsehole."
I giggled and preteen index of rolled over; it still sounded a bit weird whenever someone
said I had a beautiful arse or praised my arsehole. Mark kneaded and kissed my
buttocks telling me how beautiful, how perfect, they were for a while, and
then he pulled them wide apart. I shuddered as his long tongue ran up and down
my arse-crack. When Mark began to poke at my pucker I tried to relax; and I
shuddered again when his tongue forced its way into my arsehole. I was moaning
softly and grinding my rigid 4 inch cock into the bed. After several
delicious minutes Mark withdrew his tongue and let go of my buttocks. He offered me 3
fingers and told me to get them wet which I did, sucking on them like I
would a cock. With his other hand Mark parted my buttocks again and spat onto my
pucker. He withdrew his fingers from my mouth and I groaned loudly as he
carefully eased all 3 into my arsehole and past my sphincter. Mark began to
slowly and gently finger-fuck my arsehole, occasionally opening and closing his
fingers to lovely preteen girls
stretch my sphincter. I'd hardly felt any pain when Mark's big
fingers had invaded my arsehole, only pleasure, like in the shower when Mark
fucked me. preteen pussy 1 But I didn't care about the pain anymore as long as I got a hot
throbbing porn models preteen cock up my arsehole afterwards. My cock was straining and I was worried
that I would cum onto the sheet.
The thought of cumming flew from model preteen topless
my mind because just then Mark bit into my
left buttock and started to suck; I was getting my love-bite! Mark had
stopped finger fucking my arsehole and was now concentrating on stretching my
sphincter. The bite was becoming quite painful and I was about to ask Mark to stop
when he stopped anyway and half growled at me.
"There's your preteen pictures bbs love-bite Baby, now I'll do a back-up!"
And Mark began to give me another love-bite; this time on my right buttock.
He took me to my pain threshold again and stopped, withdrawing his fingers
from my arsehole at the same time. Before Mark could say anything I rolled
over, sat up, and cried out in a high pitched voice:
"Let me see, let me see!"
Mark chuckled.
"Silly little bugger; O.K. go into the bathroom and have a look, but hurry,
my cock's getting impatient."
I ran into the bathroom, which was totally mirror-tiled, and quickly bent
over and looked over my shoulder at my buttocks. Their milky whiteness was now
marred by two large purplish-red teeth marks. I preteen 12 didn't care; the love-bites
would show everybody that I was Mark's! I ran back into the bedroom with my
bouncing, stiff little 4 inch cock leading the way. Mark little preteen schoolgirls
was lying supine on
the bed holding his juicy 7 inch cock and pointing it to the ceiling. With his
other japan naked preteens
hand he was holding his foreskin back behind his corona and there was a
large pearl of precum oozing from his cock-slit. I could see a snail trail
down his cockshaft where previous precum had run. I licked my lips in
anticipation at the thought of having Mark's cock back inside my body. Then I had a
brilliant idea.
"Er, Mark, can I sit on your cock so that I teen preteen porno can get even more of it up my
Mark gave a dirty chuckle.
"Of course you can Baby; now hurry up I'm desperate to have my cock back
where it belongs; inside my pussyboy!"
I giggled, and then I called out as I hurried to the bed.
"One tight, hot boypussy coming up as ordered!"
That comment caused Mark to laugh as I clambered onto the bed and straddled
his body, kneeling either side of his hips and facing him. But before I could
try and sit on his cock Mark raised his head.
"Do you want the lube Baby?"
"Not really Mark; I'm sure I'll be able to take your cock without any, I
like to feel your cock forcing its way past my sphincter. I'm sort of enjoying
the pain now because I know preteens russas forbidden
how much pleasure I'll be getting from having
your juicy cock fucking my boypussy."
Mark chuckled again.
"O.K. Baby, I'll just wet your arsehole and loosen it up again first preteens russas forbidden then;
hitch up the bed and sit over my face."
When I was in position Mark parted my buttocks and ran his tongue up and
down my arse-crack a couple of times; causing me to moan with pleasure. Then I
heard him gob into preteen boy blowjob his hand and he quickly worked one, two, and then three
fingers into my arsehole and he opened and closed them to stretch my sphincter.
He did this two or three times adding more saliva before removing his fingers
and playfully smacking my buttocks.
"OK Baby, you're on your own."
As I moved down the bed Mark stuffed a couple of pillows under his buttocks
and a couple more under his head and his green eyes were shining as he
watched me. I was kneeling up just above Mark's groin; I reached behind and grabbed
hold of his throbbing, juicy cock, squeezing it to make Mark produce more
precum. Then I lowered myself slowly until I felt Mark's precum slimed knob touc
h my pucker. I took a couple of deep breaths and relaxed my sphincter; then
I pushed down until Mark's torpedo shaped knob breached my sphincter. I'd
gasped loudly when it did so, but the pain was minimal and already easing.
"Are you O.K. Baby?"
Mark sounded genuinely concerned, so I flashed him a smile before replying.
"I'm O.K. Mark; your knob's wider than your cockshaft so I'll let my
boypussy adjust before I sit on the rest of your cock."
After half a minute or so I slowly sank down on Mark's throbbing cock until
my buttocks made contact with his flesh; then I forced my body further down
until Mark's cock could go no further up my arsehole. I'm sure it was the
furthest that his cock had ever been inside me; it felt wonderful! The backs of
my thighs were hard against the backs of my calves; and I pulled my buttocks
as far apart as I could trying to get even more of Mark's throbbing cock into
my arsehole. I wiggled my arsehole around Mark's cock and then I began to
squeeze and release my sphincter. Mark groaned with pleasure and tried to buck
up into my arsehole, but preteen 12 there was nowhere for his throbbing cock to go; it
was deep inside my arsehole to the limit. I didn't rise up and down on Mark's
cock; I wanted to milk his load out of his balls with my sphincter while I
enjoyed the sensations of his throbbing cock buried deep inside my arsehole. I
think Mark caught on because he started to flex his cock sending more
incredible sensations coursing through my body.
"Oh fuck Baby! That feels so good, milk my cock with your clever sphincter;
make me cum inside your wonderful ar ... boypussy."
As he was talking Mark reached out for my stiff cock; he only held it long
enough to ease my foreskin back where it lodged behind my corona. I
immediately started producing precum which oozed from my cockslit to trickle slowly
down my cockshaft. Mark grabbed my hips and applied downwards pressure keeping
me firmly impaled on his throbbing, jerking cock. Mark was moaning as cgi boards preteen
continued to flex my sphincter around his throbbing cock and he began to twist my
body from side to side, that felt incredible as his cock moved within my colon
walls. I could feel my orgasm building but Mark came first. He shouted "OH
FUCK!" and tried to buck up into my arsehole while trying to force my body
further down onto his cock. I felt his cock swell and then revelled in the hot
licks of his thick cum as it blasted onto my colon walls. I threw my head back
and hissed "YES!" and watery boycum arced from my rigid cock and blog preteen splattered
down onto Mark's heaving chest and belly.
When we'd finished cumming I collapsed onto Mark's chest fighting for
breath. I could feel my boycum wet and slimy against my skin; and Mark's cock,
still hard and still stuck up my arsehole, was throbbing inside my arsehole. It
took us a while to regain our preteen pussy 1 photo preteen nudist composure, and then I reacted first. I started
to nuzzle into Mark's neck and then I kissed it as I squirmed about fucking
my hard cock between our bodies. Mark responded almost immediately and we were
soon kissing tenderly but passionately. I mewed with pleasure when Mark
began to flex his hard cock continually tapping against my prostate. The preteen forum list
we were teen preteen photos in there was only about half japan preteen movie of Mark's cock still inside my
arsehole. But Mark soon changed that, carefully moving me about until I was on my
back. Then he lifted my legs high and apart and sank his thick 7 inch cock all
the way back into my arsehole. I moaned with pleasure and Mark groaned softly.
I pushed my arms through my legs and locked my legs behind my head. With a
lustful look I stared into Mark's shining green eyes and whispered huskily.
"Make love to me again Mark."
He didn't answer, he didn't have to, the look on his face said preteen vergin it all as he
started to fuck my arsehole again, very slowly, and very tenderly. He leaned
into me and we started to kiss oh so tenderly. Mark's strokes were long and
deep, he'd pull back until his knob was held by my sphincter then slowly feed
it all back into my arsehole, heaven. I didn't flex my sphincter around Mark'
s cock; I wanted to keep it inside me for as long as possible. Mark must
have been fucking my arsehole for a good 20 minutes before I felt my orgasm
building. I broke our kiss and whispered huskily into Mark's ear.
"I'm going to shoot my load soon Mark."
"O.K. Baby, use your sphincter to try and make me cum at the same time; I
love it when we cum together."
I liked it when we came together too so I worked on Mark's cock with my
sphincter, squeezing it really tight around Mark's cockshaft on Marks in-stroke.
When he pulled out he now kept the whole of his knob inside my arsehole. A
couple of minutes later I moaned loudly and watery boycum flew from my cock the
first shot landing just under my chin. Then Mark gasped.
"Oh fuck! Here it comes!"
I felt Mark's juicy 7 inch cock swell and as he started to bury it to the
hilt in my arsehole I felt the hot ropes of his thick cum hitting my colon
walls. I finished cumming just before Mark finished and my cock finally started
to soften. When Mark finished cumming we untangled ourselves and lay on our
sides where I spooned back into Mark's body; his cock was softening too. I
turned my head so that we could kiss, and then I broke the kiss.
"Mark I want to keep your spunk inside my boypussy for as long as possible."Mark gave a deep throaty chuckle.
"O.K. Baby, I'll get a buttplug from the cabinet."
Moving carefully so as to keep his cock inside my arsehole Mark got a
smallish buttplug from the cabinet. I rolled onto my belly and Mark eased his cock
from my arsehole, blog preteen immediately replacing it with the buttplug which he held in
place until my sphincter tightened around it. Then he playfully smacked my
buttocks as he stood up.
"There you go Baby; now lets shower before I run you home."
I sat up and grabbed him japan preteen movie by his muscular buttocks and pulled him to me
taking his soft cock into my mouth. Releasing one buttock I pulled his foreskin
back and started to clean his cock and knob. I could taste the heady mix of Mark
's spunk and my arsehole juices. Mark's strong hands were fondling my hair
and he moaned softly as I began to suck on his cock; which was starting to
engorge. With a regretful sigh Mark eased his cock from my mouth and pulled me
up into his embrace. He kissed me tenderly and broke away; holding me at arms
length he stared into my eyes.
"I'm sorry Baby, as much as I want preteen index of
to make love to you again, we really
have to shower and get you home."
Although I was so disappointed I knew that Mark was right, my sister would
be back home soon so preteens russas forbidden
I stood up and took Mark's hand and we walked towards the
bathroom. Just as we were about to enter the phone rang and Mark left me to
shower on my own while he went to answer it. It felt funny having the
buttplug up my arsehole blog preteen while I showered, funny but nice. I was drying off when Mark
returned, he told me that he'd got to go and model preteen topless help Steve at the studio after
he'd dropped me off. He asked me if I was thirsty and when I told him I was
very thirsty he told me to go and get dressed then go to the kitchen where
there were bottles of water in the fridge. He added that there was no pop, just
plain or fizzy water; it was healthier. So I dressed and went to the kitchen
carrying my bag with me while Mark showered. He joined me in the kitchen just
as I finished my water; he was wearing a tight pair of 501s and a tight
white T-shirt which emphasised his great physique. He looked so handsome, so sexy
I could hardly believe that he was now my boyfriend. He gave me an enema
attachment to use with my shower so I put it in the bag with the other stuff.
Mark ran me home in his car, a maroon Jaguar with fawn leather seats, really
posh, like the flat. We talked about music and stuff on the way home; while
I rested my hand in Mark's lap and toyed with his half-hard cock. Mark drove
up to the front door and we snogged before I got out, while we snogged preteen gallery amateur we
were groping each other until we both got hard-ons. Mark broke away and told me
not to wank too much, to save my boycum for Wednesday. We told each other
that we loved each other and as I climbed out of the car Mark fondled my
arsehole and tapped the buttplug which made me shudder with pleasure.
I went in and changed into a track suit and flip flops, my arsehole was a
bit tender but I liked the feeling. I went on my computer and started a game
of Spider Solitaire, my favourite. My Sister got home about 10 minutes later
and I logged off and helped her to prepare the evening meal. When Mom got back
we ate, she seemed a bit distracted and thankfully didn't ask too many
questions about my weekend. Then I went back upstairs and resumed playing on my
computer. My mobile bleeped and when link preteen model I answered it there was a text from Mark;
he said that the morning movie looked fantastic and they were working on the
second movie. He added that they were busy, but he'd try to text me before
Wednesday so that we could have a phone conversation. Mark signed off with 10 "I
love you" s, so I texted him 20 back. My cock had started to stiffen when I'
d read Mark's text, but I decided not to wank off; I wanted to try and save
all my spunk until Wednesday.
I squeezed my sphincter around the buttplug and thought of Mark's two loads
of spunk swilling around inside me which made me ooze some precum. It was no
good; I knew I couldn't last until Wednesday without cumming. So I stripped
off and lay on my back on my bed and started to slowly wank my cock while
twisting and turning the buttplug. I imagined Mark's handsome face and strong
muscled body and remembered the sensations his thick juicy cock had given me
while he was fucking me. Within minutes my back arched my body stiffened and two
thin ropes of watery boycum shot from my cock and landed on my quivering
belly. The rest of my orgasm oozed from my cock-slit and dribbled down my cock
shaft and over my wanking hand. I japan cute preteen
scooped up and ate what I could then I went
and had a wipe down and went to bed. I didn't try and remove the buttplug; I
wanted to photo preteen nudist
keep Mark's spunk inside me as long as I could.
I slept like a log and woke totally refreshed and earlier than usual, which
gave me time to preteens free pictures remove the buttplug, evacuate my bowels, and use the enema
shower attachment on my arsehole before school. I carefully applied the balm
George had given to my pucker and poked some into my arsehole. That gave me a
hard-on but I didn't do anything about it. I met Terry outside his preteen index of house to
walk together to school. Terry was really mad at me for not being around the
weekend and not telling him I wasn't going to be there. In the sexual euphoria
of the weekend I'd forgotten that I usual hung out with him Saturday and
Sunday mornings. I apologised profusely and by the time we got to school I'd
calmed him down a bit. At lunch Terry asked me why I was looking so pleased with
myself. I decided to tell him a little of what had gone on and I explained
that, like him, I'd found someone older to have sex with. When I told him it
was a bloke he said he was happy for me, but he didn't want to know any more
about it. So I didn't have to explain anymore.
Monday after school I went round Terry's to help him with his homework; it
didn't take too long, he was getting much better at Maths with my help, and
then I went home. I showed Mom my mobile and told her I'd bought it off a
schoolmate who'd upgraded; she seemed OK with that. She was still distracted so I
guessed something had happened during her weekend with Dad but I didn't
probe. School had been a nightmare; I blog preteen kept getting hard-ons thinking of Mark and
having his japan preteen movie cock up my arsehole; I managed not to wank off though! While I was
doing my homework Mark texted me then phoned me and we managed to have a
brief but loving conversation before he rang off. Tuesday morning before I went
to school I put on an old pair of tight Speedos to try and hide my almost
permanent erection. They were soaked with precum when I took them off so I had to
rinse them hot nice preteen
through and hope that they'd be dry for Wednesday. After school I
spent an hour or so with Terry; I explained that I wouldn't be available
Wednesday night which seemed to miff him a bit, and then I went home. Mark
texted me again later Tuesday night saying he couldn't wait until tomorrow, I
replied with the same sentiment. How I managed to last without wanking off I don'
t know, but somehow I did. I know George had told me to exercise my sphincter
but I didn't dare to, if I'd have put anything up my arsehole it would have
caused me to cum on the spot! But I did keep applying the balm.
Wednesday morning before I left for school, in my damp Speedos, I told Mom
about my computer playing up and said I'd see a lad at school about having his
uncle fix it. Mom said OK, but told me I'd have pay for the repair out of my
savings. She wasn't being mean; Mom and Dad were trying to teach me the
value of money; I knew that if I hadn't got enough they'd pay. Anyway it wasn't
a genuine call out was it? Terry was a bit sulky on the way to school, but I
managed to cheer him up. When Mom got home Wednesday night I informed her
that the guy, Mark, would be calling around at 6:45 p.m. to look at my computer.
She was concerned about that because of her WI meeting, and my sister being
at her boyfriend's, which meant that I'd be alone in the house with a
strange man. Mark and I had already worked that preteen spanish out. I told her that I really
needed my computer for my homework and that was why Mark was coming at 7:00 p.m.
so that she preteen my models could vet him. Then if she was still worried he'd come back when
someone else was in the house.
I ate then went up to my room and prepared myself for Mark's visit. After
using the loo I gave myself enemas until the water ran clear. I was so excited
knowing that I'd shortly be seeing Mark again that I'd put on my old, tight
pair of Speedos under my best pair of baggy shorts to hide my raging hard-on
from my Mom. I was wearing flip-flops, and as it was really warm I didn't
wear little preteen schoolgirls a top, nothing unusual in our house, but I did use a little of my Dad's
Boss hot nice preteen aftershave. The last thing I did was to put the smaller buttplug on my
bedside cabinet; I wanted to keep Mark's thick spunk inside my arsehole as long
as possible. I didn't put any lube out; I wanted the pain of Mark's cock
penetrating me before I felt the pleasure I knew his cock would give me.
Mark arrived bang on time and I let him in. He was dressed in black Levi 501'
s, a thin white cotton polo-neck which hid my love-bite, and a short black
Levi jacket. He looked so handsome and sexy; and panty preteen girl when he winked at me my cock
jerked and oozed more precum. Mom came up behind me and we all introduced
ourselves. Mom took Mark into the kitchen for a coffee and chat and I followed
and had fizzy water (Mark's influence). Mark oozed charm and sort of flirted
with Mom who lapped up the preteen forum list attention. And pretty soon it was agreed that Mark
could stay and repair my computer.
At 7:15 I let Mom out and ran back into the kitchen, flinging myself into
Mark's arms and throwing my arms around his neck. He held me tightly to him as
we snogged passionately. My hard-on was poking his chest and I rubbed my
thigh across his half-hard cock which immediately began to stiffen. After several
passionate minutes Mark broke the kiss and whispered preteen forum list huskily.
"Fucking hell Baby, I've been aching for this moment since I dropped you
off Sunday; you're such a sexy little fucker! Where's your bedroom? I can't
wait to get my cock up your arsehole and fuck you stupid."
I grinned at him; I couldn't wait to have his juicy 7 inch cock back where
it belonged either, in my arsehole. I wriggled out of Mark's grasp and before
he could protest I unzipped his flies, Mark was commando thankfully, and
pulled asian preteenporn out his cock which was now stiff and leaking precum. Grasping it firmly I
turned and started for my bedroom after looking over my shoulder and saying
in a breaking voice:
"Follow me; your boypussy is ready and waiting! And I want you to fuck me
without petite preteen tender any lube, just spit."
As we climbed the stairs Mark pulled off his polo-neck to reveal his
magnificent torso. In my bedroom we were soon naked and we took a moment to admire
each others' bodies before I pulled Mark down onto my bed. He rolled me onto
my back and pushed my legs apart and up; I immediately held them back and
locked them behind my head. Wordlessly Mark dropped to his knees and started to
run his long thick tongue up and down my arse-crack. I shivered with pleasure
as he began to probe my pucker with his tongue and I moaned loudly when he
started to tongue-fuck my arsehole. Mark kept stopping to gob on my pucker;
then he worked it into my arsehole with his tongue. Still tongue-fucking my
arsehole and fondling my balls Mark offered me his other hand and I eagerly
slobbered on his long thick fingers coating them with my saliva. Mark stopped
tongue fucking my arsehole and raised his head.
"Oh Baby you're so beautiful so sexy and you've got an amazing boypussy.
Relax while I stretch your sphincter. Er, you have been doing George's
exercises to keep your sphincter open haven't you?"
I lifted Mark's fingers from my mouth.
"No Mark, if I'd have stuck anything up my boypussy I'd have cum on the
spot and I wanted to save all my boycum for you. And I still want you to fuck me
without lube, just saliva."
I pushed Mark's fingers back into my mouth and slobbered over them. After a
few seconds Mark removed his fingers from my mouth and after gobbing on my
pucker again he quickly inserted one, then two, and finally three into my
arsehole. As he started stretching my sphincter he took both of my man-sized,
hairless balls into his mouth and began to suck and chew on them. I was moaning
and writhing about with pleasure and within minutes my body stiffened as my
orgasm approached. Mark immediately released my balls and swallowed my rigid 4
inch cock while tormenting my prostate with his fingers.
I screamed as my back arched and my cock erupted in Mark's mouth. preteen 12
sucked harder and I bucked up into his mouth as rope after rope of my boycum shot
into his mouth. Mark sucked my cock dry and then removed his fingers from my
arsehole and pushed his thick 7 inch straight up my arsehole. As I gasped
from the pain Mark covered my mouth with his and we started to snog; there wasn'
t any of my boycum to share, he'd swallowed it all. I'd had an initial flash
of pain when Mark's stiff, juicy cock had broken through my sphincter, but
now it was pure pleasure as Mark started to fuck my arsehole. He must have
been really worked up too, because his strokes got faster and faster until he
gasped "YES!" into my mouth and I felt his cock throb and swell and then his
thick cum was splattering against my colon walls.
When he'd finished cumming Mark sort of collapsed on top of me and we
stopped snogging to get our breath back. I was just starting to get uncomfortable
with Mark's weight when he manhandled me until we were lying on our sides and
I was spooned into him with his cock still buried in my arsehole. I squeezed
my sphincter and Mark's still stiff cock jerked in response and he reached
around my body and squeezed my still stiff cock before going back to fondling
my balls.
"Oh Baby that was so sexy, so carnal, but now I want to make love to you
properly. Turn your head so that we can kiss."
We kissed slowly and passionately while Mark started slowly and steadily
fucking my arsehole; his strokes about half the length of his cock. Being on our
sides we couldn't kiss properly; so with a bit of careful manoeuvring I
ended up on my back with my legs wrapped around Mark. Mark's lithe, muscular body
was arched above mine and we resumed kissing, gently and tenderly, while
Mark continued fucking me slowly and steadily. But now Mark was fucking me with
long languid strokes, and the rubbing of his thick cock across my prostate
was sending shudders of pleasure coursing through my tender young body. My
rigid 4 inch cock was trapped between our bodies and was leaking precum as Mark's
rock hard stomach and belly rubbed over it; almost wanking it. I was still
very sexed up and hadn't cum since Monday so I wasn't surprised when I felt
another orgasm building up in my man-sized balls. I sucked hard on Mark's
tongue and then I groaned loudly into his mouth as my body stiffened and blast
after blast of my watery boycum shot from my cock onto our sweaty bodies.
Even though my sphincter had spasmed uncontrollably around Mark's cockshaft
when I'd orgasmed he didn't seem to be close to cumming as he continued his
long languid fuck of my arsehole. I didn't care, my cock had remained hard
and I was still producing precum so I knew I'd cum again. Our bodies were
covered in sweat preteen index of
and we were both moaning into each other's mouths as we continued
kissing gently but passionately. I wished Mark could make love to me like
this everyday of my life. Several minutes later Mark increased the speed of his
fuck and he broke our kiss just long enough to huskily whisper:
"Are you close yet Baby?"
I whispered back in a breaking voice. Mark resumed our kiss and I felt his
hand worm its way between our sweaty, sticky bodies. He found my cock, grasped
it fairly tightly, lifted his body a little and started to slowly wank me
off. Mark quickened his fucking pace again and groaned loudly as I started to
milk his juicy 7 inch cock with my sphincter. I could feel Mark's cock
throbbing and jerking inside my arsehole as his orgasm approached and he tightened
his grip on my cock and wanked it faster, my copious precum the perfect
lubricant. Thankfully I felt my preteen vergin own orgasm building and as Mark forced his
throbbing cock as far little preteen schoolgirls into my arsehole as he could he gasped into my mouth and I felt
the hot lick of his first rope of thick teen preteen photos
spunk splatter against my colon
walls I too gasped as my boycum started to shoot from my cock. We'd managed to
cum together, how wonderful! Eventually we came around and before Mark could
remove his cock from my well fucked arsehole I whispered:
"Get the buttplug from the cabinet; I want to keep your spunk inside my body.
Mark retrieved the buttplug and as soon as he'd eased his softening cock
from teen preteen photos my well used arsehole he shoved the buttplug home; holding it in place
until my sphincter closed around the narrow bit. I lay on my back and pulled Mark
into a 69, and then I took his cock into my mouth, pulled his foreskin back,
and began to clean his cock as Mark licked my boycum from my body. Then Mark
took my soft cock into his mouth and started doing the same for me. The
inevitable happened, we both got hard-ons again and our cock-sucking started in
earnest. Mark model preteen topless
began to tap on the buttplug and twist it about with one hand
and squeeze and fondle my balls with the other which turned me on even more.
Emboldened I ran my hand up and down Mark's sweaty arse-crack and pushed my
middle finger into his arsehole causing Mark to start and groan preteen vergin loudly around my
stiff cock. I added a second finger and as I finger-fucked Mark's tight warm
arsehole my other hand was working on Mark's big balls in their loose
ballbag. I started breathing through my nose, but before I could deep-throat Mark's
cock he deep-throated mine. I managed to swallow Mark's cock first time
without gagging so we were both now working each other's cocks with our throat
muscles. I added a third finger and speeded up my finger-fucking of Mark's
arsehole, marvelling at how warm and moist it felt.
My balls started to tighten and Mark pulled back until my knob preteen index of preteen pictures bbs was in his
mouth. He stopped fondling my retracting balls and pulled my foreskin back as
far as it could go, and then he sucked hard on my exposed knob. Within seconds
my body stiffened and I started to pump thin rope after thin rope of boycum
into his mouth. I'd just finished cumming when preteens forbidden film I felt Mark's balls begin to
retract into his body. Mark was now suckling on my softening cock as I let go
of his balls and Mark pulled back until his knob was in my mouth. As I
continued to finger-fuck his arsehole I grasped Mark's throbbing cock around the
base and started to wank his cock-shaft. Mark groaned around my cock as his
thick spunk shot from his cock and started to fill my mouth. I started to
swallow it until Mark's orgasm began to fade when I stopped sucking. I lifted off
his cock and moved around so that we could kiss. Mark had kept some of my
boycum back too and we traded it back and forth until it was all mixed together
when we swallowed about half each. We broke apart and lay on our backs side
by side as preteen boy blowjob we came down to earth. I propped myself up on my elbow and looked
deep into Mark's beautiful green eyes, and nude preteen free sighed.
"Oh Mark, when are we going to be able to see each other again?"End of part seven.Any comments or suggestions welcome at _INSILVA92aol.com_
(mailto:INSILVA92aol.com) cheers Paul.

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